Whatever your requirement is, a temporary transfer for business matters, a week-end of relax in Lecce or an extended stay to visit the beauties of Salento, Domus Open Space will welcome you in very refined enviroments that where born with the purpose of being a residence, studied with a great attention especially for the design and the particulars. The strutcture offers the maximum of quality in the stay, in relation also to the availability of wide spaces, even if it remains very close to the city of lecce, just 7 km .

The welcome and the hospitality that characterize the administration will make your stay pleasant and unforgettable.

If you want to have a moment of relax or for special occasion Domus Open Space is the place right for you.

Domus Open Space is located in San Donato di Lecce in via San Martino 7 - 73010 (Le)
Info & reservations: +39 334 117 2462
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